The Vinyl Depreciation Society


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There’s a crisis looming…

Vinyl will soon go the way of plastic bags – frowned upon, stigmatised then banned. Hailed by the old-school in their desperate quest for status and one-upmanship, vinyl is actually a scourge to the environmental – unbiodegradable and littering the seas. Every second a seagull or fish is scythed in two by an abandoned handbag house record and poorly valued techno release. Discogs – the oceans are screaming for mercy.

We collected mainly out of love, but that love is going sour. A poisonous hum rises.

Time is limited – let’s enjoy the last days of vinyl before bad karma haunts us for eternity.

We are an assembly of DJ’s and producers dotted around the data stream. We hold ceremonies that both commemorate vinyl and pray for forgiveness.

Here are some mixes, presented via the ethical mode of interwebs.

Early / Balearic

Eclectic dance


Main Room



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